Listen to an In-Depth Interview with AdhereTech’s CEO on “The Health Crossroad” Podcast

AdhereTech CEO, Josh Stein, was recently interviewed on the popular podcast, The Health Crossroad. This podcast, hosted by the father and son team of doctors Tom and Doug Elwood, features interviews with various innovators in the world of health. The podcast is very popular in the industry, and it’s typical format is described below:

In short, [The Health Crossroad] is designed to accomplish the following goals:

1. Introduce listeners to leaders from across the world of health;

2. Provide listeners with a sense of what these individuals feel are the problems/potential solutions to the current system; and

3. Provide insights from podcasts and other resources on how to facilitate a better dialogue around health.

AdhereTech CEO, Josh Stein, gives a full profile of the health-tech startup ecosystem, the adherence market as a whole, the reasons why AdhereTech has been so successful, and his background as an entrepreneur. Check out the full interview here.

If you’re into healthcare innovation, each episode will definitely capture your attention. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes!


AdhereTech is One of Entrepreneur.com’s 6 Hot Healthcare Companies, Driving Innovation in Medical Tech

It is an incredible honor for the team at Entrepreneur.com to feature AdhereTech in its article, “6 Hot Healthcare Companies: From Smart Pill Bottles to Smart Diapers, What’s Driving Innovation in Medical Tech?The column begins its coverage of AdhereTech with a note about how the company got started:

Stein entered Wharton Business School in 2010 with a plan: start a business, test it in B-school, and squeeze every drop of value from the MBA program’s entrepreneurial labs. During an annual innovation tournament, he pitched an idea: a [smart] prescription medicine bottle.

AdhereTech would like to point out that the initial idea was just that: an idea, and only an idea. The true magic was in the process of making this concept into a real and unique product, which included designing new technology, including features, understanding patient use-cases, and ensuring that the pill bottle worked in a repeatable fashion. This detailed development, which is the true reason for AdhereTech’s success, was and is a collaborative effort by the entire AdhereTech team and our partners.

The article also touches on AdhereTech’s unique approach to solving the issue of adherence:

After some industry analysis and studying the flaws of existing solutions, [AdhereTech] realized that many products trying to solve medical adherence were complicated tools that required setup and behavioral changes. “There’s a disconnect because many ill patients don’t have this capacity,” says Stein.

That’s why AdhereTech created a smart pill bottle with the top design philosophy being ease of use. This means: no patient setup, no new actions should be learned to use the system, no charging, passive data collection and analysis, no apps required, and the ability to work anywhere in the US.

The customizable AdhereTech system is also described at a high-level:

The patented bottle has built-in cell phone technology that sends data to AdhereTech. The company’s servers detect when the bottle was last opened and closed, and the amount of medicine remaining in it. The bottle lights up blue during the optimal dosage time. When that period passes, it begins to flash red and beep, [and a text message or phone reminder is sent].


AdhereTech & Tomorrow Lab Featured in “The Future is Now,” a Video Series by Intel & The Verge

This gorgeous video showcases the team at Tomorrow Lab, which worked with AdhereTech to design our Generation 1 smart pill bottle. The video discusses the future of design, and you can proudly see the AdhereTech bottle make an appearance at the ~0:46 mark and again at ~1:49.

It’s truly an honor to be featured in a video sponsored by Intel, one of the most successful technology companies on earth - especially when AdhereTech and it’s partners are being referred to as the future of design!


AdhereTech Tops Business Insider, Yahoo, and U.S. News & World Report’s List of 8 Technologies Transforming Health

As AdhereTech continues to build partnerships and develop novel technology, our recognition within the healthcare industry grows as well. Last week, AdhereTech was listed atop Business InsiderYahoo, and U.S. News and World Report's list of 8 technologies that are transforming health. The institutions report:

The market for health and fitness wearables is exploding… consider these examples of emerging health technology:

It continues:

Taking medicine at the right time – on the right day – could mean the difference between life and death. That’s why New York-based AdhereTech… has created smart pill bottles that send real-time alerts to secure online servers and users. When someone is supposed to take his or her medicine, for example, the bottle glows blue; if it isn’t opened, it turns red and begins to beep. AdhereTech’s system also issues reminders via text message or phone call.

AdhereTech is honored to receive recognition from such fine publications.


MobiHealthNews Lists AdhereTech as a Top Digital Health API

API (Application Programming Interface) refers to the software components of different technologies interacting with each other. The goal of many APIs is to allow two different technologies integrate, with the goal of creating a new and useful experience. For example, Vimeo’s API allows its videos to be seamlessly posted onto different websites - and this is an API that AdhereTech had indeed used on this very blog.

One can imagine how useful APIs will become in healthcare, seamlessly integrating different technologies to deliver the best possible patient experience. MobiHealthNews writes:

MobiHealthNews has put together a list [of important health APIs]. The dozens of companies listed here have either made APIs available already or promised to do so soon.

AdhereTech was honored to be at the top of this list. As we build out our flagship smart pill bottle technology, our goal is to eventually have an option for an open API. 

AdhereTech’s smart pill bottle actually senses the amount of medication inside the bottle, which helps in preventing accidental overdose. It also has its cellular connectivity built directly into the bottle rather than into a base station.

And here is the vision:

[AdhereTech will have] an open API that lets third party developers create smartphone apps and websites to help patients track their medications, and the company has said it would integrate its data with… health devices like blood pressure monitors and glucose meters.

AdhereTech’s technology is built to be as versatile as possible. Different patients will use our bottles for unique applications - the sky is the limit!