AdhereTech Earns a Spot on CIO.com’s “10 Hot Internet of Things Startups”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term frequently used to describe the emergence of smart technological devices that are connected to the Internet. AdhereTech’s smart pill bottles clearly fall into this category, as do a number of other products that operate in virtually every industry: consumer electronics, appliances, transportation, clothing, manufacturing, and healthcare, just to name a few.

CIO.com recently compiled a list of “10 Hot Internet of Things Startups,” and AdhereTech is proud to have earned a coveted spot. As CIO.com writes:

We evaluated more than 70 startups to find 10 that look poised to help shape the future of IoT.

And here’s why they put AdhereTech on their list:

There are plenty of companies trying to cash in on IoT by tethering it to healthcare. Let’s call it the Internet of Health (IoH). What’s impressive about AdhereTech, though, is that it focuses on a discrete problem and knocks it out of the park with its solution. It’s simple and smart.

CIO understands that a successful IoT device requires not only reliable hardware, but also robust software:

If a patient hasn’t taken his/her medication, the service reminds them via phone call or text message, as well as with on-bottle lights and chimes. The company’s software also asks patients who skip doses why they got off schedule. In addition to helping people remember, AdhereTech aggregates data anonymously to give a clearer picture of patient adherence overall to pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners.

Be sure to check out the other innovative companies on the list!


AdhereTech CEO Josh Stein to Speak at TEDMED This Friday 9/12

The time has finally arrived: AdhereTech’s TEDMED talk is happening this Friday 9/12! AdhereTech CEO Josh Stein will discuss the emergence of connected medical devices - and how AdhereTech’s smart pill bottle is uniquely designed to be the ideal tool for patients. Our talk will be very exciting, so please be sure to catch it live by registering with TEDMED. (The official video will be permanently posted online in a few months.)

As you know, AdhereTech has written about its association with TEDMED in the past. Here’s a brief description of this wonderful organization and event, directly from TEDMED:

TEDMED is a global community dedicated to unlocking imagination in service of health and medicine. Our goal is to seed the innovations of today, making possible the breakthroughs of tomorrow…for a healthier, more vibrant humanity. Our community convenes year-round online at TEDMED.com. TEDMED’s annual gathering includes a unified stage program and innovation showcase taking place simultaneously in two co-equal host cities: in Washington, DC at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing arts, and in San Francisco, CA at the Palace of Fine Arts.

If you’re attending, please send us an email to let us know!


Monthly Prescribing Reference Cites AdhereTech as Leading Adherence Solution for Commercial Drugs and Clinical Trials

Monthly Prescribing Reference is a world-renowned publication that provides drug information to healthcare professionals. AdhereTech was recently featured in their article "Smart Pills: Improving Medication Adherence Through Technology." It begins:

It is estimated that nearly 75% of adults do not adhere to a prescribed pharmacologic regimen.


Patient non-adherence to a prescribed pharmacologic treatment can not only harm the patient, but also carries a significant financial burden. The total economic burden of medication non-adherence is estimated to be $100–300 billion annually including the cost of hospitalizations and emergency department visits that could have been prevented with proper adherence.

Poor adherence also has a negative effect on potentially bringing new drugs to market:

Medication non-adherence can also impact safety and efficacy data in clinical trials for investigational drugs. If a large trial with an outpatient population has variable adherence, the protocol-specified dose may be too low for efficacy or too high and toxic. In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance on clinical trials for human drugs and biological products encouraged the use of adherence prompts, alert systems, and counting pills or smart bottles to monitor medication adherence and encourage patient compliance.

Thankfully new technologies, such as AdhereTech’s smart connected pill bottle, can vastly improve these issues:

Real-time measurement is now possible with [AdhereTech’s smart pill bottles, which contain] sensors to monitor adherence, provide reminders, and transmit data to patients, caretakers, and clinicians. The bottles are FDA-registered Class I medical devices and the AdhereTech data collection system is HIPAA-compliant.

The article describes how AdhereTech’s wireless pill bottle solution works on a high level, and then it sums up the value of this technology:

Medication adherence will become more important than ever in disease control and reducing healthcare-associated costs.


Innovations utilizing sensors like the AdhereTech smart pill bottle… could contribute to improved outcomes in pharmacologic treatments seen in clinical trials and patient therapies.


AdhereTech to Present Its Smart Medication Packaging Technology at the American Intelligent Packaging Congress

The Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) organizes a yearly event called the AIP World Congress. Here is a description of the upcoming conference:

Active and Intelligent Packaging is already an important part of the plans of many major food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as the retailers of these products. They all understand the importance of A&IP in managing complex supply chains, avoiding waste and stamping out counterfeits of their brands. But they all need to see how this next generation of packaging helps to improve the bottom line. That is why the third AIPIA Congress is ALL about how to profit from these exciting packaging technologies.

AdhereTech was invited to speak about intelligent medication packaging and its benefits to various parties in the healthcare sector:

AdhereTech makes patented smart pill bottles to improve medication adherence and patient engagement. AdhereTech works with pharmaceutical companies to distribute high-cost specialty medication in these smart pill bottles. The service increases adherence of these expensive medications, which results in increased revenue for pharma companies. Additionally, AdhereTech is a valuable tool for clinical trials, further increasing value to pharma. The devices can be used to monitor patient activity or to improve adherence in trials.

AdhereTech will continue to share more information about this and other exciting opportunities as the events approach.


Health 2.0 Names Three Companies to Win Challenges and Have Success: AdhereTech, Flatiron Health, and Healthify

Health 2.0 is a wonderful organization that organizes world-class healthcare conferences, performs market research, and organizes industry-sponsored challenges. Here is some information about their latter offering:

[In these challenges] teams to develop technologies to address some of healthcare’s most complex issues. Over 3-6 months teams work on design concepts and prototypes for a variety of challenges sponsored by all types of organizations from charitable foundations to for-profit companies. Final submissions are judged by a panel of industry experts and winners are awarded cash prizes.

In addition to the funding awards, the industry recognition is incredibly valuable for the participants:

It’s not only money that draws teams to these competitions, participants gain validation of their product, publicity and market access. Reflecting on the past few years, we want to share the successes of these challenges.

AdhereTech, Flatiron Health, and Healthify were specifically chosen by Health 2.0 as three companies to see direct benefits from these challenges:

[AdhereTech has had success] in three Health 2.0 Developer Challenges: the Henry Ford Innovation Challenge, Innovate Health Tech NYC, and Pilot Health Tech 2013 (in which they partnered with Weill Cornell Medical Center). A cause for celebration, they just raised $1.75 million in Series A funding. AdhereTech is currently piloting their product with the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and [major pharmaceutical companies have already deployed their product.]

We highly recommend all relevant Health 2.0 Challenges to companies in the health-tech space!